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Chapter 3: Storytelling Through Lessons-Learned

In this one-woman show, join host Johanny Ortega as she shares her personal experiences and insights on the power of self-reflection and learning from mistakes. From embarrassing moments to life-altering missteps, Johanny Ortega shows listeners how to pivot and grow through adversity. Gain valuable insights and practical tips for self-improvement and personal growth that can be applied in all aspects of life. Don’t miss out on this inspiring and empowering podcast!

Unlocking Potential: A Personal Journey from Restrictive Upbringing to Military Discipline Have a Cup of Johanny

What if the key to unlocking your full potential was rooted in discipline? I'm sharing my personal journey from a traditionally restrictive upbringing to the liberating experiences in the Army. Raised by a military family, I've learned valuable lessons of respect and discipline from the crack of dawn. I reflect on my impulsive youth and how the Army offered me a structured path to channel my energy, driving me toward personal growth.My time in the military has been a catalyst for a transformative journey into discipline and perseverance. I discuss the delicate equilibrium between what we give and receive during our service. Drawing from my personal experiences, I highlight the numerous opportunities the Army offers for individual progress, encouraging soldiers to focus on the positive aspects. I believe that my traditional roots, coupled with the structure of the military, have shaped my strong discipline and drive for excellence. Join me as I share how my experiences can serve as a roadmap for others navigating their journey within the military.Are you ready to embark on a captivating journey of resilience and revelation? Then head over to https://www.haveacupofjohanny.com/ and buy your copy.Support the showJohanny Ortega published a middle-grade realistic fiction novel about blended families, Mrs. Franchy's Evil Ring and the Six Months That Changed Everything. This book is available NOW.Under J.E. Ortega, Johanny published a military thriller novella, The Alvarez Girls. It's available everywhere books are sold. She's also published a domestic thriller short story, I Love You So Much.Head to her website to buy this book and connect with her. Please support the show by sharing it with someone you know.
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  3. Transforming Book Flops into Writing Lessons
  4. Unpacking the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict with Empathy
  5. Balancing the Roles of Soldier and Author: A Journey of Productivity, Priority, and Passion

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